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Will A Waterbed Make Me Seasick

This is a very common occurrence when riding the waves of the sea, and can result in seeing your lunch once again. Since many people do get sea sick, they have reservations about purchasing a waterbed. And in all honesty, if you are unaware of how a waterbed will react with your sea sickness, it makes since not to purchase a waterbed.

However, did you know that getting sea sickness on a waterbed is virtually impossible? While many people wish to believe this, some still have doubts. However, getting sea sick on a waterbed is like getting motion sickness from watching a car moving, it's nearly impossible. This is because even with a full motion waterbed, the movements are very subtle and will subside once you stop moving. Even so, many people still are afraid that they will become sick once they lay on a full motion waterbed. If you are still afraid of reenacting your last deep sea fishing vacation every time you lay down to sleep, than there are other options for you.

Even though full motion waterbeds do not induce sea sick sensations, many waterbed buyers don't want to have a bed that moves with every body adjustment. This is why the waterbed industry has made various types of waterbeds, some of which actually do not move at all. These reduced motion waterbeds are made by literally filling the waterbed with fibers or foam to reduce the waters freedom. With a reduced motion waterbed, you will still receive the same floating sensation that makes a waterbed a unique sleeping experience, but you will not have the excessive motion that many people fear.

If you are afraid to purchase a waterbed because you don't want to feel like you are resting in the ocean every time your partner moves, than you may be interested in knowing that due to the unique pressure support systems that waterbeds are known for, the need to toss and turn throughout the night are completely eliminated. The reason why you move during sleep is because your body is being bombarded by uncomfortable pressure points made by your traditional mattress. However, with a waterbed, these pressure points no longer exist. Because waterbeds don't sag or bend, you will have a unique sleeping experience that literally contours to your body's shape. Along with the low surface pressure and unique temperature control, you will have a sleeping experience like no other.

The best sleep is the kind that allows you to sleep in one position throughout the entire night. And with waterbeds, you are able to obtain this level of sleep every night.

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