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Furnishing a Porch with a Country Style

Because of stressful lifestyles, people are trying to spend less and less time in city centers and more time in the country. Country life offers a simple, safe and traditional living. Country houses with their beautiful wrap around porches and large backyards are enticing to city dwellers. Furnishing of these homes is very different from furnishing city homes.

Country homes offer a glimpse into the past, a chance to relive and remember the simpler times. It doesn't take too long for a country home owner to realize the importance of their porch. The country home porch is an extension of the house. Traditionally there was the back porch by the kitchen door and the front porch off the front door. Both porches served different purposes.

Porches today are used for resting, relaxing and enjoying your backyard. The front porch serves as a welcoming mat to your guests and can be decorated as such. Furnishing the porch is best done with furniture that suits the country house; wood furniture. Wood furniture blends in with the country setting. The cedar and pine wood furniture are the two most commonly used for outdoor furniture. These wood furniture pieces if left untreated and left exposed to the elements fade to a beautiful rustic gray color.

You can also finish the furniture with waterproof finish if you want. The back porch of a country house serves as an extension of your home; an outdoor room. Choose your furniture to complement your home. If you have a breathtaking view or lovely gardens to admire an outdoor living space on your porch is a must. The front porch needs a couple of rocking chairs.

Rocking chairs represent country living. Home owners can sit on their rockers watching the world go by. There are a variety of rocking chairs available in the market place today. There are double rockers, gliders, porch swings and traditional rocking chairs. Don't forget to add to your porch rocking chairs for children too. A word of caution, keep the rocking chairs away from your windows! Include in your porch small side tables to hold your drinks and snack.

Decorating tips for your porch ? Celebrating the holiday season on an old country porch really brings out the holiday spirit. Attach wreaths and garland to the porch posts and porch railings. ? Another piece of wood furniture for your porch is a porch swing. Imagine spending a lazy afternoon on your porch sipping on lemonade watching your children play in the back yard. ? Wind chimes are also a part of a traditional country porch.

Choose wind chimes with designs complementing your overall country theme. Wood chimes are a must; strategically placed on the porch they add the sound dimension to your porch experience. ? Purchase some traditional style planters and hanging baskets. When the baskets are overflowing with blossoms they add to the country feel. You can use some antique containers as planters to solidify the country style. ? The front porch furnishing should also include a welcome mat that is sturdy and attractive, a mud scrapper and an umbrella bin.

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