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What You Need To Know About Drapery And Blinds

Drapery is an integral part of home decoration and is extremely useful in providing privacy and regulating the volume of Natural light inside a room. It is very important to choose the right kind of drapery for your room in order to provide your room the perfect look. Since it is not an easy task to choose the appropriate drapery for home, we are providing you some guidelines that would be helpful in choosing draperies fro your room. The first step is to choose a fabric that would blend well with your window, pre- existing furniture and art work. If your prime motive is to block out intense sunlight, you must hang an opaque drapery.

This drapery must amalgamate nicely with the décor and style of your room. The next step is to choose a pattern. Drapes are available in different patterns that include floral and animated prints.

You may also opt for solid colours. Consider sheers to allow natural light is to your room. Sheers are usually hang beneath the drapes.

Before you finally order for the fabric, measure your windows accurately from top to bottom. Keep in mind that drapes would hang from a curtain rod about six to eight inches above the window frame. So measure the drapery two to three inches above the window frame. Select hardware to give the final touches on your drapery.

The hardware material include rods, hold backs, finials and curtain rings. The come in all sizes and colour to embellish your room. Blinds and Drapery: Window treatment would grab anyone's attention in your room.

It is important to decorate in a manner that would give out a sense of great appeal and express a lot about your feelings and creativity. Window treatment requires a lot of planning long before you actually carried it out. The treatment must compliment the existing style and decor of your room. It depends on which room you are providing the treatment to.

If it is your master bedroom, the décor should be something that would ease away your tiredness and provide you some comfort and warmth. Something that would create style without too much drama is considered an ideal choice. The choice of window treatment must be different from that of your master bedroom. Go fro warm tones to create a feeling of warmth and luxury. The whole idea is to make the room look contemporary while retaining the luxurious feel. If you are not considering window dressing fro living, dining, or master bedroom, blinds would be the best choice to adorn your windows.

The keep the look simple yet elegant. If you are considering, a window treatment for boy's room, play with bold colours like blue and yellow. On the contrary, a girl's bedroom must be adorn with colours like soft beige and bright red suede fabric. So, consider window dressing according to the kind of room that you are giving the treatment to.

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