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Tips For Decorating Kids Bedrooms

There comes a time when your child is no longer a baby that the nursery room decor simply won't do. Your child needs a place that he can call his own and which reflects his or her emerging personality. Kids rooms should be fun as well as comforting and relaxing.

When you set out to decorate your childs room, ask them what they like and incorporate some of their favorite themes and colors into the room. At the same time, it might be wise to keep an eye on the future and know that their tastes will change and if you make your decor flexible enough the room can last into your childs teens. Here's some tips on decorating kids bedrooms: 1.

Use colorful curtains and accents. Show your child some curtain selections and ask them what they would like to see no the windows. Try to stick to bright colored window treatments as these will help the room to look sharper and cleaner. Adding a valance can help define the opening of the window and lessen bright overhead light from coming in at the top of the windows. It also opens up the window so the room can be lit evenly during the day. Add a colorful or themed shade for privacy at night.

2. Consider using your childs toys as wall decor. This can serve two purposes - as decoration and to save on storage space. You can create hooks to hang larger toys and add shelves to display the smaller ones. Now if you can only get your kids to put them away! 3. You can always add paintings and prints in strategic places but make sure they are appropriate to the room.

If you can afford it, consider having a wall or room mural painted on the walls in your childs favorite theme such as a magical forest, sports or race cars. 4. Decorate with photos of your childs most fondest memories.

Family pictures of fun vacations or photos of your child on a day of achievement can add a personal touch to his or her room. 5. Depending on the age of your child, consider adding lifelike statues of his or her favorite cartoon characters or super heroes. This can add a bit of whimsy and make the decor unique. 6.

Plants always add softness to any room and live plants help to clean the air. Just be sure you don't add any plants that can be toxic and that your child is old enough not to dig in the dirt in the pots! 7. Don't forget about the lampshades when decorating a kids room. Lamps and their shades can be purchased to accent any type of theme. You can also try making your own shades by buying plain ones and embellishing them with accents the compliment the rooms theme.

Make it into a project that you can do with your child and they will really feel a sense of accomplishment every time they go into their room and see the lampshade. 8. Select your bedding to match the theme of the room as well as for comfort. Be sure to buy sheets, pillows and comforters that can be mixed and matched and don't forget to add some extra accent pillows. You can even buy curtains that match the bedding, or if the curtains are not available for the bedding you have chosen, buy an extra set of sheets and make your own curtains.

9. Turn your childs ceiling into a magical night sky with glow in the dark decorations. These can be fun and even comforting for your child to be able to lay in bed and gaze up at the night stars. 10. Don't forget to put educational and informative things into your kids bedroom. Include books, charts and toys that add to the childs education.

Then your children can be learning while having fun. Decorating your kids bedroom is a great way to give them a place they can call their own inside your home. You might even find your kid spending more time in there!.

Lee Dobbins writes about decorating and home decor. Visit her bedroom decorating site to get more bedroom decorating and design ideas.

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