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Tips for Choosing a Pesticide Treatment

Pesticide disposal is a very important aspect of pesticide use and ensuring the safety of people, pets, and the environment. Many people choose to use pesticides and unfortunately, they dispose of them incorrectly. Improper pesticide disposal brings with it many health risks for all who are involved. Whether it is the homeowner who is trying to rid themselves of pests, or the large corporation who is dumping pesticides illegally, pesticide disposal must be conducted according to safety standards to ensure the well being of all.

One of the key ways that you can do your part to ensure proper pesticide disposal, is by only using enough pesticide to complete the task at hand. If you are mixing your own pesticides, avoid the trap of trying to make more than enough. Plan ahead for your project and determine how much pesticide you will need. Then mix that amount, and you won't have to deal with pesticide disposal. However, if you find that you have inadvertently mixed more than enough pesticide you can try seeing if you can share it with a neighbor or friend. This is a very effective way of disposing the pesticide by putting it to good use.

It is important to understand what the label says about proper pesticide disposal. The pesticide label will contain regulations that have been set forth by the Federal government. However, it is possible that due to your community, or local and state laws, that your area may have other methods in place for disposing pesticides.

You will need to find out before choosing a disposal method whether or not your state has a local community program for the disposal of hazardous waste materials. You can contact your local health department to find out if there are any programs in your area. However, if there is no community department in your region, then you will need to dispose of the pesticides according to their labels. These instructions will vary according to the type of pesticide, their containers, if they have been mixed, if they are liquid, or if they are dry. You may be allowed to throw away the pesticides in your trash, or they may need to be taken to a landfill. Pesticides are an important part of our routine life.

They make our homes free from pests, allow our gardens to grow and blossom, and generally make life easier and simpler. However, the consequences of using pesticides incorrectly, or by disposing them haphazardly cannot go unnoticed. I f you are going to use pesticides, then it is your civic duty to ensure that you are using them correctly and disposing of them efficiently. You should take steps to protect your children, pets, and yourself from the hazards that are inherent to pesticide use. Whether you are using them, mixing them or purchasing them, safety is the utmost priority when dealing with pesticides. Finally, after following the manufacturer's instructions for safe pesticide use, make sure that you practice your local community's recommendation for pesticide disposal.

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