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The Different Systems Used In Air Conditioners

Refrigerated coolers or air conditioners provide cooling to homes and offices. These are said to be the least of the energy efficient cooling systems and have a high running and buying costs. If they are run on a reverse mode they can also provide warmth. The type of air conditioner, running costs, size and purchase are the aspects that you must keep in mind before buying one. Following certain measures like closing the external doors and also the windows can reduce costs. All the new air conditioners that have come up have come up with energy rating labels the symbol is stars.

More the number of stars more is the efficiency. Air conditioner systems Portable split system- this system is the ideal choice for rooms of size 35 square meters. It can be bought at $800 to $3000. This portable split system are usually limited capacity units that have different indoor and outdoor units.

Both these units are connected by a hose or duct, which is flexible through a window that is open. Fixed (Fascial) Units- this system is suitable for rooms of the size 60 square meters. Its purchase costs amount to $500 - $1,600 including the charges for installation. These are single units, fixed and usually mounted on a window or external wall. Standard power outlets can be used for this type of unit though larger units need a wired-in. Split systems- these are suitable for rooms of size 60 square meters.

The average money that needs to be spent is between $1000 to $10,000 including the installation charges. These systems are fixed units. It has both an indoor and an outdoor section, which are conjoined by refrigerant piping. This system is slightly more expensive than the wall or window units. These are more energy efficient but also produce less sound.

It is more comfortable. Ducted systems this system is suitable for an entire house, a central or even a zoned system. A ducted system is not as efficient as the fascia or the split unit. This can be used to cool different areas during different times. This helps to reduce the costs of functioning and improve its efficiency. You can divide your home into two zones.

One area is the living area and the other is the bedroom area where you retire for the night. This system can be effectively used in one zone at one time. It uses the inverter technology, which is also known as the variable speed drive. It controls the compressor motor and also helps to conserve energy.

This is done by equalizing the motor power with the air conditioner load requirements. These are the various systems that are used by air conditioners to provide the much needed coolness especially during summers.

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