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The Advantages of HEPA Air Purifiers

The first HEPA filter was developed in 1940 by the military forces for it to be used in the Manhattan Project. The primary concern then was to be safe from the nuclear material that was freely floating in the air. In the modern times HEPA air purifiers are used all over the world to pollen, dust, mold, certain forms of bacteria and other particles that are air-borne.

The HEPA Air purifier by far has been the best type available because it is very efficient. The most advantageous aspect of this type of air purifier is that does not emit any by-product or secondary pollutants like ozone that is so very harmful. How do they function? The HEPA air purifiers function by drawing in the air from the room with the help of a fan. The large particles that are there get trapped in the folds of the filter that are there.

The smaller particles and the various chemicals are attracted to the charcoal matter that is present inside the purifier. Some fans have been specially designed. These varieties of air purifiers have a straight design and draw the air from the back of the purifier and release it from the front.

These are designed to effectively clean the air around your sitting area or your bed. Some other types of fans in the HEPA air purifier are unidirectional. This type sucks in the air from all directions and all the sides of the machine. The air is then filtered and the cleared air is released in the room.

These are very efficient in cleaning entire rooms. The ULPA filters are also good air purifiers. The ULPA stands for Ultra High Efficiency Particulate Air. These are usually used in places where the air is too polluted and the health hazards run very high. Only when the environment is laden with harmful chemicals or particles this type of air purifier is used.

This is not used for domestic purposes but if the need arises you should not be living there at all. The Department of Energy is the only body that can provide certification to all HEPA filters. The DOE has very stringent standards. It maintains that all HEPA filters should be able to trap 95% of all the particulate matter from the surrounding air up to the size of 0.

3 micrometers. There is one very important thing that you must remember. There is nothing called the HEPA- type or HEPA- like air filters. The DOE does not certify the efficiency of such purifiers.

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