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Six Questions You Need to Ask When Shopping for Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has its own unique characteristics and quirks relative to other types of wood flooring. It is a beautiful and long-lasting investment, but it does require some maintenance and may not be right for everyone. So here are six questions you should ask yourself or your hardwood flooring dealer to make sure you make the right flooring choice.

1. Are you in a family situation that would make caring for a bamboo floor difficult? This is a question you should ask yourself anyway before purchasing hardwood flooring, but especially bamboo. Some bamboo is softer than other forms of hardwood, depending on the extent of its carbon colorization.

It needs to be swept regularly and cleaned with a damp mop. Particles and debris that accumulate over time can scratch the bamboo.


Is the environment a major concern for you? If you are the kind of person who seeks out environmentally sound solutions to everyday problems, then bamboo is for you. It is an environmentally friendly resource because bamboo grows so quickly. For instance, bamboo can grow up to three feet a day, and it can be harvested over and over again. Contrast that with hardwood, which takes many years to grow and is destroyed once it is harvested. In addition, bamboo can provide sustenance and provides economic opportunity for the people who grow it.


What is your flooring budget? Surprisingly, bamboo holds up well in the category of budget as it is actually less expensive than many other forms of hardwood.

4. Where will you be installing your new flooring? Bamboo is not a good choice for areas that are very damp. You should not install it in your bathroom, and you certainly should not install it in your sauna. It should also not be used anywhere that requires mopping with a wet mop.

Bamboo flooring should be cleaned with a damp mop, but not one that is soaking wet.

5. Do you have allergies? Bamboo is a good flooring choice for those with allergy problems because it does not promote dust.

6. Who will be installing the flooring? There are a number of different installation options for bamboo flooring, such as on an underlayment or a sub-floor. It is probably best to seek out an experienced wood flooring installer, but it is certainly something you can do for yourself if you have the time and patience. Do not rush the project. And new bamboo flooring should be given 72 hours to acclimate to the humidity of your home.

Bamboo may be the perfect flooring surface for your home, but use the above list of questions to make sure. Dont take the decision lightly. Your choice of flooring will have short-term implications (in terms of fewer dollars in your pocket) as well as long-term implications related to the joy your family will receive from walking on bamboo flooring. Finally, I recommend that you shop on-line for your flooring.

You should be able to request a sample from a flooring retailer you are considering. Get the sample, decide if it is what you want, and then try to get the best price you can. The result will be a beautiful floor for your home that will last many years.


About the Author (text)For more information about bamboo or bamboo floors, visit, a company specializing in wood flooring that originates from managed sustainable forests.


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