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Simple Air Conditioner Repairing Techniques

In the midst of scorching heat you suddenly find that your air conditioner is running only without cooling the room. What will you do? Will you see the manuals? What if you do not find any solutions in the manual? Later on you come to know that you only need to cleanse the air conditioner to have the proper cooling option. Accordingly, there can be so many things that may go wrong in the near future. The only possible option is to seek for manufacturer help or else you can have it repaired if the problem is not that much acute. But for this you need to know certain things about the air conditioning mechanism other than that is written in the manuals.

You could start up to find what actually is wrong in it. In case two most common problems, you can exert your expertise to repair without first seeking the professional help. Cooling Mechanisms First turn off the power of the house. Now, just remove the grill cover off the condenser and clean the fins by a soft piece of cloth and brush. Please be sure about not to hurt the fins which are the most crucial parts.

Inside the grill cover you will find the fans attached to it. Here also you are supposed to make sure any wire is not damaged or loosened. Cover the motor with a plastic to safeguard it from the water. If you think that the motor also needs lubrication, this is the right time for that. Having done, it's time to put things in order again.

After the initial repair, you want to test whether everything is alright. Turn on the power back and keep your unit for a few minutes. Put your hand on the condenser-connecting pipes. One pipe should be hot and other should be cold as per rule. If those are not in that states what they are to be supposed of, it means they require refrigerant. Your work is over, as you now need a professional help.

Automatic Function A few things you need to check out if the automatic function is not in order. - Check the thermostat cooling option below the room temperature. - Ensure that the fuse is not blown or if there would be any tripped breaker in your panel box. - Make sure the power and condenser switches are turned on.

- You can even check if the 240-volt power is not turned off.

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