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Rules for Painting Window Boxes

Window boxes are designed to be a part of the house and as such, color selection is crucial to matching or complementing your home. The choice of colors is plentiful and many times homeowners are unsure whether they should paint their window boxes or leave them unpainted. You want to make sure that you choose a color that is consistent with the home's style and flows nicely. Even if you don't have much design sense, there are a few simple rules you can follow to play it safe and pick a color that will match your home. It is often recommended that window boxes be painted in one of four ways: 1.

To match the trim around the window 2. To match the color of the exterior shutters around the window 3. To match the color of your siding or wood shingles 4. A complimentary color if shutters are not already on the window You rarely want to bring in a third color if you already have shutters and trim around the window of two different colors. This can make the window seem too busy and cause colors to clash on the house. It's a good idea to choose a window box color that matches your architectural style and personality as well.

Bright colors will attract people's attention to the window box, but may also make the window box stand out more than the flowers or plants in them. Painting the window box neutral colors shifts the focus elsewhere so that the window box functions as an accent. They can also showcase plants and flowers better.

PVC window boxes are great for holding paint and the paint will not fade or peel. They're an upgrade over wood which has maintenance issues and vinyl which cannot be painted and have a shiny appearance to them. For PVC window boxes, if you decide to paint them, it is recommended that you use an exterior latex paint. Semi-gloss is better for minimizing sun absorption and Sherwin Williams even makes a vinyl safe paint that works well with PVC to do more of the same.

Just remember to leave the inside of any window box unpainted no matter what material it's made from. Paint should never be in contact with plant soil or water. Paint in direct contact with water, soil, and roots, will kill existing plants and prevent future growth.

Painting window boxes is a great way to make a window box truly feel like it connects with a home. Choosing the right color is critical to having your home flow and look natural. Let your creativity shine and personality come out and remember that the choice of color you pick will draw attention to either the house, the window, the window box, or the plants themselves.

Matthew Buquoi is the president of Flower Window Boxes, an Atlanta-based window box manufacturing company that specializes in custom PVC window boxes and flower boxes.

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