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Old Wives Tales in Pregnancy What Should You Believe Part Two

You want to keep yourself looking beautiful even while you are pregnant. Can you carry on using the same beauty treatments that you used previously? Unwanted Hair What is unwanted hair? Hair that is growing anywhere on your body apart from on your head ? is unwanted. It is better for the baby if you avoid using chemical depilatories.

Depending on where the rogue hair is growing, you can use wax, razor or tweezers. Let's Talk About Your Nails. Because of the multivitamins you are swallowing and of course extra Calcium Tablets (you are aren't you?) your nails are going to grow longer and stronger.

Make the best of it; have long nails if that is what you want while you are carrying the baby, once it's born it's a different story. Trust me long nails and bathing and changing a baby's nappy do not go well together. Give yourself a weekly manicure to keep your nails in shape. Avoid using strong smelling chemicals as found in 'Nail Salons' as this can harm both you and the unborn baby. You don't want to be doing something that may damage the unborn baby's brain do you? Colouring or Perming Your Hair Tests have found that colouring your hair does no harm to the unborn baby. If you do colour your hair too often, just as when you are not pregnant, you may damage your own scalp.

Even perms have been found to be harmless to the unborn child. But while you are pregnant your nose becomes more sensitive to strong smells. So follow your nose.

If you don't like the smell ? don't use it. You Need Your Beauty Sleep While you are pregnant, maybe more than at any other time you should be getting a comfortable and relaxed sleep. This will help both you and the baby.

When the bump becomes uncomfortable, pad yourself up with pillows that will offer support. If you don't already, get into the habit of lying on your left side. This is beneficial for both you and the baby. It also stops you putting pressure on the Uterus and Intestines. And if you need a bonus reason to lie on your left side ? it helps the nutrients in the food you eat, get through to the baby. Exercise If you don't usually exercise ? being pregnant is not the time to start.

Or if you are in the habit of having a workout, carry on but don't increase anything. Remember everything in moderation. Does Your Cat Use An Indoor Litter Box? What can a cat's litter box have to do with the health of you and your baby? There is a disease called Toxoplasmosis that cats can carry that may harm your unborn baby. Rather get Dad to change the cat's litter box and to do it frequently because it's when the litter box hasn't been changed for a few days that Toxoplasmosis becomes infectious. Gardening Pottering about with a watering can is not a problem.

But Weed Killers can be harmful to the unborn baby, so if you must use Weed Killer ? get someone else to apply it while you stay indoors for a few days. Upset Your Tummy ? Have A Curry Do you enjoy a curry? Having a curry when you're pregnant will not harm the baby, well not directly. But you are likely to get a nice upset tummy and your having the runs could make you dehydrated and so the baby will suffer too. Can You Predict The Baby's Sex? Now technology has produced scanners, apart from checking that the unborn child is developing well and picking up on potential problems, it can also tell the parents to be what the sex of the baby is; if that is what they want. So the days of having a wedding ring on a string dangling over the mother's tummy are over. As are the Old Wives Tales about how you carry the baby in your tummy.

Carrying low and you are having a boy, or carry the baby wide and it's definitely a girl. That's the same as saying ? you could be right or there again you could be wrong. Hot Baths Is it your idea of luxury to have a long soak in a hot bath? Not a good idea.

It is not just an Old Wives Tale, but a hot bath could bring on the baby. If Baby Is Late Should You Get the OBE? Is it an honour to receive the OBE? Well yes, you might get a chance to meet the Queen. But if you are overdue the OBE is not to be craved for. O ? Is for Castor Oil B ? Is for a hot bath E ? Is for an enema Yuck! If there are no medical problems maybe it would be better to let nature do her job when she is ready. If you believe the Old Wives Tales that's fine but use a bit of common sense too.

Eva Moffat an Ex- Nurse has written many articles, including weight loss and other health related ones. She offers practical advice that you can use immediately. Visit her website to see how she can help you.

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