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Make Your Next Move Easier

Most people really enjoy the experience of finding that new home or apartment to live in. Yet, I haven't met a person to this day that enjoys the process of moving. Let's face it, it's not the most pleasant task and it involves a lot of work, sweat and toil. That's why it makes a lot of sense to find experts who can make the job a little easier. It may not make the boxes any lighter to lift, but it just might make the whole relocation run more smoothly.

A good moving tip can be worth it's weight in gold if you actually use it. I've had some help in the past with some of the moves I've made. Compared to most folks I've probably transferred from enough apartments and homes to keep up with anyone.

Along the way, I've learned to pack better, to make unpacking and finding things much easier. My dogs don't suffer with every move like they used to and I've even saved a few dollars here and there too. Some moving expenses can be tax deductible so check with your accountant when income tax time comes around. Also, before any move, try to determine your expenses, all incurred expenses before you start off on your new adventure. Even if your doing the work yourself there will likely be an expense involved.

You may even need or want to rent a moving van or truck to make the move more quickly. In our last move we rented a 42 foot Ryder truck with a lift gate on the back which made moving heavy furniture much easier. Get a good dolly with a strap to secure larger items and you'll be able to move almost anything with relative ease. If your planning on paying a mover, again, get the price quoted and in writing and hold them to their estimate or get an absolute number before you start.

I like having others do the moving for me, it sure saves on the back, but you'll still want to do most of the packing and labeling yourself. Don't leave the packing of your most valuable possessions up to someone else. Let common sense be your guide.

And one final tip. Pack your personal items separately and carry them with you. If anything happens in the relocation, at least you'll have the essentials to live, and you won't have to spend all day sorting through boxes trying to find what you need.

In the end, whether you'll be moving frequently or once or twice in a lifetime, a little planning, a bit of budgeting and a good deal of common sense will go a long way in making the whole relocation easier to deal with. Good luck with your next move!.

Mark Washburn is a freelance writer with experience on moving companies and relocation services.

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