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Kitchen Cabinet Secrets

Staying away from a big box retailer is much more difficult than it seems. Most local hardware stores cannot compete with Home Depot or Lowe's variety of stock and prices. Because of the mass marketing campaigns of both of these giants, you will be led to believe that their prices are the best out there. Their prices on lumber and drywall are highly competitive and are probably the best around, however, looking elsewhere for kitchen cabinets is not only smart, but it will literally save you hundreds of dollars. These big stores do not warehouse cabinets; mostly because of space issues they rely on special ordering to get you the cabinets you most likely will need. These big box retailers will have a few of the cabinets on their shelves, but you will be paying a high price for this convenience.

The majority of the cabinets will have to be special ordered. Because of this, you will pay a higher price; mostly to cover their shipping costs. So to avoid the high costs of buying cabinets at a retail store and to make the process more convenient; you should go online to buy cabinets. Not only does it save you 30% to 40% but it is easy because the cabinets can be delivered to your door. A question I usually get asked is: Why are these cabinets so much cheaper? The answer is that these cabinets come to you as an RTA cabinet.

This means "ready to assemble". But don't worry about the assembly. all of the cabinets can be assembled with a screwdriver and each cabinet has only one page of directions. The only exception when it comes to RTA Cabinets would be Ikea.

Their cabinets come with literally hundreds of parts and pages of directions so make sure you go online and search for RTA cabinets. The final concern is usually the quality of these cabinets. Most of the higher quality RTA cabinets have solid wood faces and wood panel sides. You will find that any cabinets you buy from a big box retailer will have particle board and/ or cardboard as parts of the cabinet.

Not the RTA Cabinets. They are imported with real wood and a feature design. So go online, find an RTA cabinet site and save money while getting a quality cabinet.

I found a way to save thousands on RTA cabinets . Find out my secret to discount kitchen cabinets by clicking on one of these links.

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