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Kitchen Accessories Modifying your Kitchen to Suit your needs

Renovating a kitchen was my first goal of the house I had recently purchased. Making it a show kitchen was part of that goal. I new I wanted a certain look for the kitchen, but I had no idea of the cost.

My first stop was a local home improvement center. The cost of kitchen cabinets was very high. I then went to a kitchen cabinet retail store and found the prices to be even more expensive.

I decided to take quotes from each store I visited and then go home and search the internet. I am glad I did. First I found out that there is an RTA kitchen cabinet out there.

This simply means the cabinet comes pre-assembled, hence the acronym RTA, meaning ready to assemble. These cabinets are sold at retail outlets as well, but buying an RTA kitchen cabinet online saved me around 35%. That was even after I paid for the shipping of the kitchen cabinets. Not being handy concerned me when it came to assembling time.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cabinets came together easily. I needed a screw driver and used a cordless drill for some of the more tedious parts. That was it for the assembling part. One other not for the RTA kitchen cabinets was that there is only one page of instructions, which made it easy to follow. Saving thousands of dollars was a big surprise but the great part about buying these cabinets online was the accessories.

The site I was on,, actually had the Rev-A-Shelf product line on it as well.

I had never seen this product and was amazed at the innovative features that were offered. Everything from a pull out garbage can that could hold 150 pounds, to a roll out that made those hard to reach shelves, practically an easy grab. The Rev-A-Shelf is a great addition to my kitchen. It made the entire space unique and is going to be a great selling point when the house goes on the market.

All these new accessories and great looking cabinets add up to a kitchen that has more to offer than the average space. One other nice feature about the cabinets was the quality construction. I found that a large number of RTA kitchen cabinets are made of particle board and very little wood. The RTA kitchen cabinets that I found were solid wood fronts and paneled wood sides.

Most RTA sites had the paneled wood as an upgrade, but the RTA Cabinet Store has all cabinets with paneled sides as part of their standard purchase. It is not only a much better price, but the quality is there as well. It does not get much better than that, a high quality cabinet at a price much better than retail. The best part was that I never had to leave my house.

I mean to say I initially did to look for cabinets, but if I would have looked online from the beginning I would have been able to stay home and wait for the RTA kitchen cabinet delivery. Once these cabinets did show up I was on my way to a great kitchen, full of accessories, and most importantly at a great price.

I was able to save thousands on my kitchen cabinets. Find out my secrets.... you to can save thousands on kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities by following these easy steps

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