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Identity Theft Prevention Insurance Programs

Identity theft has become a major problem for consumers in recent years. Since the Internet is used regularly for banking, credit card and other transactions, it has created a breeding ground for identity thieves. Although there is not enough government regulation, there is a number of options to protect yourself through private industry. Identity theft prevention services help you mitigate potential losses from identity theft by monitoring your credit history. In the course of our daily commerce, we unwittingly give out much of our sensitive personal data.

We write checks for bill paying, we rent a hotel room using a credit card, we apply for jobs and list our social security number, we use our cell phones to call friends and generally we act as if no one has access to these avenues of communication. Every time we use such modes of communication, we are putting our identities out there for the taking. Not protecting your personal information is like leaving the front door open and putting up a sign welcoming thieves inside to take what they want. Thieves will use your credit card number to charge merchandise and you will not know about it until you have a great many charges rung up.

Thieves will use your social security number to take out a car loan and then make off with the car. You won't know about this until the loan payment statements start arriving in your mailbox. All of this creates major headaches for you unless you have an identity theft prevention service in place. Remember, these crimes could still occur, but with identity theft prevention in place, you can be notified earlier and mitigate the damage potential.

Diligence in checking your monthly statements is still needed though. Some identity theft prevention services are set up to call you when any suspicious activity occurs in your accounts, be it large purchases or purchases made from a different location from your home area. These services will prevent collection agencies from calling you repeatedly and will keep your credit rating at the level where it is supposed to be. Law enforcement agencies are helped greatly by these services because they are more easily able to zero in on the thieves before the trail grows cold.

One common racket is purchasing cellular phones and running up thousands of dollars in calls on your credit. They have also given stolen information when arrested for a crime and then not show up in court. The authorities then issue an arrest warrant for you. Although identity prevention services can be expensive, they are well worth the cost ($100/individual, $150/household). Some people are too busy or careless or ignorant to handle their sensitive information appropriately. Besides safeguarding your own information, these identity theft prevention agencies are the best way to guard against theft.

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