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Headboards Can Be A Mirror Of Your Personality

Everyone has a stylistic preference, especially in terms of his or her own home d馗or and particularly in the bedroom. One of the best ways to get this point across is to choose the right style from among the many headboards on the market. However, you may not be familiar with the various styles of headboards available today and what they say about you.

Wooden headboards are available for those who enjoy everything from an Edwardian extravagance to a minimalist rustic design. Wood can be carved into an intricate design or can provide a basic, flat backboard for your bed, creating an empty canvas from which to begin a surrounding design. Large headboards carved from wood tend to show your penchant for being in the spotlight, stealing attention from other aspects of your design. Choosing a smaller piece shows your need to have all the elements in your bedroom work together to create a complete picture. Iron headboards are a typical choice for those who tend to change their minds often, since the wrought iron background is so diverse, and the d馗or surrounding the material can be changed as frequently to the widest variety of styles as you desire.

If you feel like decorating the area with red and black Feng Shui design this month and in basic white cottage style next month, headboards of wrought iron are the perfect background from which to begin. An iron sleigh bed, with its intricate design and specific look, speak to your classic taste and the need to feel cozy and "at home" in your bed. These beds, including the material, also show a preference for the outdoors due to the resemblance to an actual sleigh. Of course, because sleigh rides are equated with romantic evenings, this choice of headboards can also show you up as a romantic at heart! Again, though, the choice of iron as a material shows your need for diversity and simplicity. If you choose to redesign your bedroom with a choice of one of the popular modern platform beds available today, you are showing you either don't really care much for detailed design or you prefer a true minimalistic design behind any additional d馗or or accessories you use to express your style. With these headboards, there is little intricate carving, metalworking, or design, and they are typically quite plain, allowing you to build around them.

One other choice you may consider in choosing your personal style is the purchase of leather headboards. While these are not necessarily intricate in terms of weaving or carving, they do speak to a sense of sophistication and desire to add a stately and expensive appearance to the room. Regardless of your choice, the style of headboards you choose will easily tell people who you are and give them insight to your taste.

Ben Weissman writes articles about using Metal Beds, Headboards and other Contemporary Bedroom Furniture to Decorate Your Home. You'll find more Interior Design Ideas at . Make your bedroom into a personal retreat!

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