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Hammock Stands and Hammocks For Relaxation in Your Own Backyard

Have you got one of those old-fashioned hammocks and no trees or posts to hang it from? Now the creation of the hammock stand has made access to hammock relaxation available to everyone. You no longer need a large yard or garden as hammock stands allow us to enjoy a hammock in the smallest of spaces, like a courtyard or patio and partake in all types of hammocks from traditional reclining hammocks, as well as hammock chairs and swings. Like anything to do with hammocks, there is a hammock stand to suit any budget and while we will pay more for aesthetics, one needn't spend a small fortune to enjoy the feeling of swinging or lazing about in one of the world's most comfortable inventions. Of course using a hammock stand gives you the flexibility to use your hammock almost anywhere you like.

It makes the use of your hammock more versatile, whether it is used on your porch, the backyard or garden or if you want to take it away to another location on holiday. Hammock stands come in a veritable smorgasbord of designs and construction elements. Aluminium-framed stands are the most popular choice and biggest sellers because of their durability, set-up ease and cost. However, for those wanting more of a centrepiece for a patio or courtyard, there are some rather beautiful, if more expensive, options available.

More expensive hammock stands are usually made of timber or steel. Hammock designs are generally streamline and often quite stunning, borrowing lines from Scandinavian modern furniture that are simple, yet also elegant. The shapes most commonly available are a 'C' shape, where the hammock or hammock swing hang from the top of the 'C', to a rather space-age looking 'X' frame, where the hammock is suspended from the top ends of the 'X'. Some of the timbers used in their construction include cypress and oak. All of these stands would be an added feature in its own right to any garden, patio or even indoors. Hammock stands for traditional, full-recline hammocks are also available and these are a clever alternative for those who lack back yard or garden space and, unlike a conventional hammock, attached to two trees or poles, they can be moved easily and set up anywhere in or outdoors.

Believe it or not, a hammock stand is even available to attach to the back of a standard sized pick-up truck or utility. These are ideal for people who camp and are also easy to put up. So whether you are or simply seeking a fold-away hammock you can bring out on a warm day, or a striking, useable feature for your garden, there is, quite literally, something for every purpose.

Isn't it time you gave yourself a break and bought a hammock? Copyright (c) 2007 Mike Jennings.

Let Michael Jennings help you discover all about patio and garden furniture, especially hammocks. To find out what would suit your garden visit his Garden and Patio Furniture site.

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