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Generator Buying Guide

Can you imagine living without electricity? But there may arise situations when there can be severe shortage in power supply. In a situation like this, where you have to live without electricity for a considerable stretch of time you need to have an efficient power back up system to carry on with your business or for continuing with the uninterrupted services. And this power back up can be provided by a top notch generator. But before you buy a generator, you need to have a clear understanding about various aspects of the generator. This understanding will help you to choose the right generator to serve your purpose. First of all, you need to know the basic construction of the generator.

The two major components of a standard generator are motor and a generator head. The motor supplies power by burning fuels, while generator head turns power into electricity. The motor of the generator uses engines to draw power.

The good generator is one that incorporates engines of a well known make. So the first lesson of generator buying guide is that: look for the generators that use engines of such trusted companies as Ford, GM, or Honda. This will make it easier for you to find parts and you will keep on getting good services latter on-the facility which you will never get if you buy a lesser-known brand. Next you need to understand the types of the generators.

You will find generators in two basic designs: - Standby generators - Portable generators The standby generators are mainly used in the big business set ups and they are installed permanently to supply power back up in an emergency situation. They are intertwined to the electrical system of the establishment and generally get fuel from city gas or propane lines. You have to make some "exercise" with the generator once in week to ensure that they start smoothly at the times of needs and that involves some noise. To avoid the noise Buy standby generators with a "low idle exercise" feature that enables the generator exhale lesser noise during its weekly exercise.

Here also look for the brand name, as it will help you to considerably save on the of power outages. In contrast portable generators are smaller and inexpensive; they run on the fuel of inbuilt tank source. This feature enables them to be used in remotest locations. The feature you should look for while buying a portable generator is a large fuel tank for the longest running time. Make sure your portable generator comes with fuel indicator gauge, and enough receptacles, so that you can use it to run any kind of equipment during the power shortage.

Generators use several types of fuel ranging from diesel, natural gas to gasoline. Choose the generator type according to the availability of the fuel in your locality. Also check the generator wattage and voltage so that it matches with the voltage that your household or business uses.

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