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Floor Tile Design For Better Home Decor

If one goes to a trip inside a house, the first thing that he will see is the floor. Once he takes his first step, he looks at the floor and nothing more. The difference is, if the flooring is not impressive, then the visitor will never notice it, but if the floor is filled with a wonderful array of tile designs, it's going to leave a good impression on the mind of the visitor.

If he goes to the kitchen, the presence of good tiles will also be the first thing that he will notice. It's not the pans nor the oven, nor the refrigerator, it's the counter-top. If he goes to the bathroom to relieve himself, we're pretty sure that he will definitely notice the tiles, if there are any. Tiles are wonderful house ornaments which exist for the function of accentuating the beauty of one's home. Tiles also have a purpose, and they are chosen according to where they are going to be put and how they are going to be used.

Types of Tiles There are thousands of different types and styles of tiles. This is because tiles are used practically everywhere, not only in the house but in other structures as well. There are the common stock tiles which one can find in any common folk's kitchen or bathroom. There are the higher-end ceramic tiles which are used in a more decorative fashion.

There are also the stone tiles which come in different materials such as granite, marble or slate. Some tiles are mass produced and some are hand-made. The hand-painted tiles are usually the most expensive ones because they are made with a specific design which caters to a specific type of consumer. Natural tiles (which are made from either stone or ceramic) will project a certain level of exquisiteness.

These tiles are usually priced more expensively. They are very resilient and durable. The downside is that everything that falls into the tiles will certainly break most of the times because of the structural soundness of these tiles. They also keep the coldness of the environment which can be a downside in cold areas.

Different tiles are installed in different places according to their resilience, beauty and durability. There are tiles which are more suitable for flooring, there are those which are suitable for kitchen tops and those which are more suitable for the bathrooms. Diversity and combination are key things toward putting up a great tile design. Installing Tiles When installing tiles, it's important to take note of the kind of tile you are using and the location where it is going to be put.

Different materials entail different procedures and tools for installation. Often times, the specific instructions are given by the manufacturer, but to be sure, always ask the sales person regarding the specifics of the installation procedures. There are several tools that one needs to have to be able to properly and cleanly install tiles. For the more advanced tile enthusiasts, having tile nippers, tile cutters and trowels would be good.

Remember that installing tiles in flat surfaces is the key, however, curved surfaces can also be covered with tiles if needed. Remember that when purchasing tiles, always get some extra tiles because accidents will happen and some of the tiles will get broken. The law of averages also applies to tile installation.

Designing through Tiles If you are thinking about installing tiles in a certain area of your house, a good practice is to make an illustration of the area. The dimensions of the area in the illustration should be proportional to the dimensions of the area. The area should be divided into the dimensions that would be proportionate to the tiles that you are going to use. This way, you can clearly see how each tile would fit into the specified area and you can estimate how many tiles you are going to buy. Don't forget to include the buffer tiles in case some of them break.

Also make sure that the color of the tiles that you are going to use would match that of the rest of the area. The tiles need not to be of one-color only. One can mix and match as long as he knows that the colors will match. Tiles greatly accentuate the beauty of one's home.

Whether they are placed in the floor, in the kitchen or elsewhere, proper preparation and installation of these tiles will definitely mark up the value of one's home.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about floor tile selection and installation.

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