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Fabulous Gifts for the Bridal Shower and Engagement Party

With weddings come gifts. Lots of them. Between the bridal shower, the engagement party, and the wedding itself, gifts are showered almost continuously on the happy couple so they can start their new life together. Deciding what to give and when, however, can be a bit puzzling.

Do you buy a registry gift for the bridal shower, or something more personal just for the bride? And what do you bring to the engagement party? Don't worry. We've got all the answers, as well as some creative gift ideas you can mull over before you go out gift shopping. First off, the Bridal Shower is a party thrown just for the bride. Talk to the person organizing the shower (most likely the Maid of Honor), and ask what kind of shower it's going to be. Many bridal showers revolve around a theme, and thus the gifts do as well.

For example, if the couple is honeymooning in Aruba, the theme might be travel. You could buy her some new luggage for their trip, some luxurious beach towels, an exquisite beach tote, etc. Let your imagination go wild! You might also find out where they're staying, and purchase a gift certificate for them to have a nice dinner while they're on their trip. If it is a small, personal shower you could get her something a bit more racy like some sexy lingerie, or even a new cozy bathrobe and slippers to make her feel comfortable. You can, however, get a bit more creative in your gift and go outside the box. What about giving the bride a day at the spa to relax? With all the running around she's about to start doing, it will be well appreciated! You could also get her a gift certificate to a fine salon to get her hair and makeup done.

This could be used for the wedding day itself, or just a treat to pamper herself. An Engagement Party is thrown for the couple, and it is perfectly acceptable to buy registry gifts for this event. Chances are, however, they've already accumulated plenty of dishes and towels, so why not get creative in your gift giving? With a bit of research you could find a restaurant that puts together picnic dinners.

Buying them a complete picnic with basket, blanket, wine and dessert would make for a very fun day for the couple to spend together. Or, find out what they like to do together. If the couple enjoys the outdoors, why not buy them a year pass to the local state park? If they enjoy ice-skating, why not purchase a year's pass to the local rink? If rock climbing is their thing, a pass to the local climbing gym would be a great gift. If you're feeling fun, you should think games. Croquet, volleyball, basketball, or board games are all fun ideas for some creative gifts they certainly won't expect ? and won't get from anyone else.

With a little creativity you can certainly break the mold of dishtowels and bathmats for a shower or engagement gift. Using your imagination and a little 'out of the box' thinking will ensure you get the couple a gift that they will have fun with, and one that will be long remembered. Copyright (c) 2007 Pat Brill.

Pat Brill is co-founder of which supports Busy Moms with free gift ideas and helpful tips to meet the challenges of motherhood. She is also co-founder of , a directory of articles covering many areas of wellness. You can reach Pat at

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