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Decorating Tips Ideas for Using Timeworks Clocks

Timeworks Clocks have almost become a must have in today's home. A few years ago we had no idea what a antique reproduction clock was not to mention the Timeworks label. Today people use these colorful creations in many areas.

Here are 5 specific ideas where these timepieces can be used. Family Room / Living Room - Tall ceilings are all the rage in today's modern homes. The result is that you have very large walls to decorate. One of the most popular ideas for decorating those mammoth walls is the use of a large wall clock.

Timeworks is a master of creating large wall clocks. These clocks really grab your attention when you enter the space. Most of the more popular designs are a full 27-31 inches in diameter.

They provide a great start when decorating large spaces. The D. Robertson clock for example is a good choice for a good sized family room or living room. This clock has a subtle tan coloration that can work well with many colors. The Dupont clock is another very popular style that has a very rich dark red or burgundy color scheme. Kitchen Wall Clock - Picture this.

Granite counter tops, travertine floors and custom cabinetry designed in a slightly old world flare. This setting screams for a reproduction antique clock. Take a look at the small metal framed designs like the Hotel Pasquier or the Hotel Grand. Also don't miss any of the petite collection. All of these choices look just like they were taken from a old European museum.

Kitchen clocks can be different sizes from 6-12 inches usually. The stores that I have worked for in the past sell many of these smaller clocks around the holidays. They make such great gifts for your mom, sister or wife. They are packaged so well for gift giving. The box alone is nice enough to bring a smile.

Childrens Bedrooms and Nurseries - The Storytime Collection from Timeworks offers 20-30 styles that have young children in mind. Baseball, football time pieces for the young sports fans and Carousel Horse, Fire truck, Rocket Boy, or Little Princess to capture the imagination of the rest. These are great functional decorations to fall to sleep with. They also provide great opportunities to help your children learn to tell time. These can be great gifts for the toddler or baby. The mother will enjoy them as much as the child.

For the Office - Like many other rooms in our house offices are meticulously decorated. How many times have you seen a beautiful painting or a nautical timepiece behind the office desk? I see pictures in magazines all the time of this traditional setting. The large nautical timepieces the Timeworks Ships Clocks are well suited for this.

Another style that goes well in an office is the station or railway collection like the Station Victor Hugo or the Station Richmond. These large pieces add a strong masculine feeling to the room. Decorating the Bistro - Some of us are lucky enough to own a restaurant or small deli. Old world charm is the name of the game in many of these Italian style delis or bistros.

Hanging meats and cheeses adorning the town's favorite deli is as old fashion as you can get. A clock with old world charm fits so nicely in that atmosphere. You can find a chalkboard incorporated with a small clock. What better way to show the daily special.

Examples of this can be found in the merchant signs category. Other choices can be much the same as discussed before. Many restaurants display large wall clocks in their entry or above their billboard menu. You will soon come to the conclusion that these clocks, not unlike paintings can fit really well in almost any setting. Color really is key. The color you choose will bring out the similar colors in the room.

Shopping online can often help in your selection because you can see the colors of all of the choices on one or two pages.

You can find the home decor items that I described in my article by going here Timeworks Clocks . Many choices so have fun shopping.

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