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Dads Grads Who Are Sports Fans Will Love These Personalized Gifts

Father's day is just around the corner and it seems like there's a Graduation to attend every weekend - and if you are like most of us - your imagination is on overload trying to come up with creative gift ideas! Unlike Mother's Day - you can't just run out to the nearest florist and send a nice bunch of roses, and that means that when buying gfts for Dads and may actually have to put some thought and effort into the decision!

 Fortunately, lots of Dads and Grads (yes, even the female variety!) are sports fans - and that opens up a whole new world of unique, logo bearing gifts!

 And we are not talking about the usual team branded T-Shirt or football jersey either - with a little creativity you can find something unique and special for every fan.

 Here's a gift that is really unique - a personalized locker room photo, showing 4 team jerseys, one emblazoned with the RECIPIENT's name! So far, my Dad has gotten his name on a Dodgers jersey, and my best friend and rabid Sharks (Hockey) fan, Pat, has her's hanging in her crafts room! You can get the pic framed or unframed, the price is great, starting at just $29.95, and is sure to be something that will be treasured for years to come.

Available for all pro teams, and many colleges, these are truly a great conversation piece for many years to come! How about a quick 'redo' of the basement or game room for Father's day? How about easy to install carpet tiles with Dad's favorite team's logo? The logoed tiles are alternated with solid color tiles so you get a team logo 'checkerboard' effect on the floor, and are easy enough to install that you can re-do the average size room while Dad spends his afternoon on the golf course! The tiles are available for all the major pro teams (NFL, MBL, NHL) and many of the larger colleges too (Great for the OSU or USC fans!) If redoing the whole floor is more than you want to tackle right now, you can find area rugs from door mat size to a full room (just roll it out and you're done!) with either a "repeating" logo pattern or the more traditional single large logo. For the grad that just got the new car - you can even get custom team logo car mats, personalized with their name! These also make terrific fundraisers for schools and great promotional items for businesses, too.

 And for the high school grad heading off to college in the fall, you can find everything from sheets and comforters to body pillows and bed slippers for just about any school you can think of (Appalachia? College of Mines? Yup!). 

 No matter what your sports fan grad or dad might want - whether it's a rolling cooler, pool cue and balls set, a lamp or car mats - make it something they will really treasure by adding the unique touch of their favorite team logo!


For truly unique Father's Day Gift Ideas and Graduation Gifts, visit today! If you can put a team logo on it - we probably have it - one of the best selections of unique, officially licensed logo gifts online....or off!

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